Even as you approach, you hear the sound of pleasing music. You open the door and you are met with a feast for your senses. The clink of glasses and the low hum of kind words and mellow laughter. The smell of fresh-baked bread, and the sight of friendly smiles. Could this finally be a place to call 'home'?

A familiar face brightens, and beckons you over to share good news and old stories. From somewhere, a cool ale or hot chocolate appears in your hand. A song that reminds you of bygone days brings a merry smile to your lips or a bittersweet tear to the corner of your eye. Yes. This could finally be a place to call home.

Welcome to Nostalgia...

Welcome to Nostalgia...

Meet Our Staff

Nostalgia's wonderful and diverse staff awaits you!

Signature Drink

Old Fashioned

Maladrex Vyskax

Barcatte || Manager

Maladrex Vyskax

Grew up an orphaned street-rat in Ul'dah. Eventually had the fortune to find a tutor in the use of a gunblade that led to an extensive career as a mercenary/brigand working on both sides of the law. Having seen enough of the world to satiate his wanderlust; he has turned at last to less personally dangerous pursuits - like pouring drinks! (Ask about his daring flight from the Ul'dah guards when he was a kitten!)

With a passion for food and fixing broken things, Ke is Nostalgia's chef and (much needed) handyman! He's got a "go get 'em" attitude and welcoming personality! Its hard to believe he even has a shady past in a different world... When he's not in the kitchen or with a hammer in hand, he can be found on the dance floor or on stage jamming with his guitar.

Ke'rii Ogasawara

Chef || Handyman

Ke'rii Ogasawara

Signature Drink

Morning Delight

Signature Drink

Pink Mew


The Magical Mew

Nashi the Magical Mew

Nashi is above all else, the provider of Nostalgia's "zoom". This very-magical little kitten loves to race about to make new friends, discover new places, and experience all that the world has to offer. And afterwards, find a comfy spot to settle down for a nap.

The forests were just "soooo boooorring", as she will tell you with a roll of her eyes and dismissive flick of her ears. The outside world seemed so exciting with terrible and wonderful stories drifting into receptive ears. So she left to see what was out there: charming and flirting her way out of trouble, on occasion into it she made her way to the great port city of Limsa and the varied lands of Eorzia. She will dance for you, and for the bribe of a hot chocolate listen wide eyed to all your stories.

Lorida Pell

Our Bunny

Lorida Pell

Signature Drink

Hopping Hotshot

Signature Drink

The Angel's Kiss

Quirky, sweet and sometimes a little ditzy, Cari is a brand new waitress! (You may want to double check your order!) For the couple of years she has lived in Eorzea, she has spent her life in the spotlight at center stage with her band, Wind-Up Nostalgia! When she's not messing up your order, or performing music, she loves to make art and eat sweets!


Nostalgia was conceived as an idea in the last days of 2023; and was officially founded 12 January 2024 as a place for roleplayers of small, simple, and intimate stories to gather and share their love of a good tale well told. Nostalgia is run by a small group of friends who span across the globe, with each bringing their own special flair to Final Fantasy roleplay with one ultimate goal in mind: to have fun.A couple things about the establishment itself:

  • First and foremost, Nostalgia is and always will be an immersive roleplay setting.

  • Each floor of our FC house is a specific setting: The basement is our main lounge, and the ground floor is our personal rest and relaxation space.

  • Our stage is OPEN to bards, comedians, poets, storytellers, etc. So long as you are having fun, are in-character and respecting the space you are welcome to our stage. If someone is already up there, please contact the bartender or other staff to let them know and they will communicate to the current performer.

  • Our currency is "roleplay", meaning we do not trade you items (usually) and do not take your gil as payment. Our only profit is to have fun and create a positive roleplay community.


Nostalgia is an Immersive Roleplay nightclub/restaurant that sits in the grey area where SFW and NSFW meet. This establishment is 18+ for both characters and players. We encourage social mixing and interactive roleplay, but don't come here with the express intention to score or solicit courting. We are not that kind of place.The following general rules are in effect while you visit Nostalgia and while interacting on our discord server:

  • Treat others as you would like to be treated. Disrespect, harassment, discrimination, racism, sexism, etc. are not tolerated and will result in an immediate ban.

  • Age – you (the player and your Roleplay character) must be over the age of 18. While we are not explicitly SFW, some roleplay may not be suitable for minors.

  • Please do not emote or chat spam as this makes it very hard to follow conversations. Appropriate use of /smile, /beam or /wink are ok as these emotes are generally hard for someone to see. Otherwise, please use “/wave motion” for example when using emotes.

  • Do not ability cast/spam while on Nostalgia's premises. This is very distracting and unnecessary.

  • No crafting while on Nostalgia's premises. Crafting is very distracting, both visually and audibly.

  • Please hide your weapons while inside Nostalgia. We're not here to fight.

  • Lalafels are considered and treated as adults.

  • Immersive Roleplaying Only - The purpose of Nostalgia is to provide an immersive roleplay experience which means 100% of the time you are in character. If you MUST be OOC (out of character) please keep that chat to a minimum and make use of the ((double brackets)) to indicate you are speaking OOCly.

Roleplaying Expectation

  • Please wear the Roleplaying in-game tag (/roleplaying).

  • While we are not explicitly Safe For Work, intimacy beyond a kiss and a cuddle should be taken off the premises.

  • No RP character is THE Warrior of Light, or any other FFXIV lore characters (such as, but not limited to: Thancred, Urianger, Y'shtola, etc.) This creates unwanted conflict and breaks roleplay immersion. Players roleplaying as such will be treated as "super fans" and kept at arms length.

  • Pop Culture/Memes/Other Lore - Roleplaying as characters from obvious pop-culture, memes, or other lore (such as Lord of the Rings, World of Warcraft, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, etc) is immersion breaking and will not be acknowledged.

  • Character Power - If you play an immortal character or a character with fantastical and extreme powers (like Superman, Gandalf, Goku or Kratos the God of War) these are not appropriate things to discuss on our premises, as are events such as your death and resurrection, conversations with gods, being a god, etc. Any claims regarding such events will be treated with incredulity.

  • No metagaming. Metagaming is when you (the player) knows something that your character doesn’t know and injects that OOC knowledge into IC interactions/dialogue. This breaks character and immersion and is frowned upon by serious roleplayers.

  • No godmodding/presumptive actions. Godmodding (aka: presumptive actions) is when one player takes control over the actions of another player by incorporating that player's actions into their emote. You only control what YOUR character says and does.

  • Nostalgia uses the Open Roleplay style (using /say or /emote chats) so that the establishment stays lively. We do understand that not every RP conversation is for the open, /tell or /party or whatever, is completely ok so your character’s private conversation does not need to be on display for all to hear.

  • Please use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. This said, we are not a grammar class and correcting typos is not necessary unless it dramatically changes the context and clarification is needed. Character dialogue can be however they would naturally speak and not out of a textbook.

  • Please make use of the ‘motion’ option when using social emotes, such as “/wave motion”, when an emote is an action. /wink or /beam, etc. are ok as these are not easily seen in game.

  • Please keep Out-of-Character (OOC) comments to parentheses ( ) or double parentheses (( )).

  • There is no brawling, fighting, spontaneous death, murder or poisoning at Nostalgia (inside or outside). If any of this happens, assume authorities have been called and all characters within the premises will be informed that the character has been removed and the guilty parties removed permanently from the premises. No second chances. We are a place of peace so weapons are not needed. If characters come into In-Character (IC) conflict and need to fight it out, please take it elsewhere.

  • Be courteous and respectful. Keep In-Character (IC) drama in character and don’t spill that over into Real Life drama.

  • We are not spoiler-free. MSQ events may be brought up in-character.

  • As with everything, consent is key. If someone just doesn't vibe with your character and doesn't want to Roleplay with them, that's how its gonna be. Like in real life, not everyone gets along (but remember to keep Real Life drama out of it).

But most importantly, have fun and let’s RP together! Let the stories and character development begin!

I'm new to Roleplaying! Help!

Nostalgia welcomes all roleplay levels from beginner to totally experienced. Here are just a few tips that might help you out:

  • Re-review the Roleplaying Expectations above. Those are very important "roleplay basic dos and donts".

  • Create a character and come to Nostalgia as that character. Your character can be as simple or as complex as you want. There is not one single right or wrong way to go about character creation.

  • Its important to differentiate your OOC (out of character) chat from your IC (in character) dialogue. As mentioned above OOC is indicated by use of parentheses ( ) or double parentheses (( )). Your in character dialogue or action description will be in prose and make use of quotation marks. For example:

Maladrex Vyskax returns to the bar with Nashi's fluffy pink drink, handing it over to her. "One Pink Mew for the Pink Mew!" ((brb rq - phone!))

In the above example, the use of the /em was used at the start of "returns to the bar..." to make the text into a custom emote. This is used when describing actions. The quotations indicate when Maladrex is speaking, just like when you read a book! At the end, Maladrex has some IRL (In Real Life) aggro and indicates OOC comments using the double parentheses to let players know he will be a moment because of a phone call.

  • The easiest place for new roleplayers, or even shy ones who may want to start out small and observe more at first, is to head to our bar! Its a very easy first exchange. Just let the bartender know that you are new/shy/whatever and they'll be more than happy to engage with you.

  • Unsure about a topic to talk about? Maybe you were out adventuring and had a great time or misfortune! Maybe you scored big on a treasure map! Maybe you came in last place at a chocobo race! The possibilities are endless!

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